Friday, April 6, 2012

The best news today......

After waiting almost nine weeks I finally have my answer.....I am APPROVED!!!!
I woke up this morning so excited to go on my daughter Hannah's field trip to the Cincinnati Zoo. It was a beautiful gorgeous. I loved riding the school bus with her class and another chaperone, a very dear friend of mine. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and was feeling blessed all day. This is Hannah's last year in elementary school so it was very bittersweet for me. As I walked through the zoo with Hannah and my group, I was savoring every moment with her watching her laughs and smiles. Hannah and I share a very special bond and I am so grateful for it. She and I can steal looks at each other and we don't need words to speak our love for each other. We just know it and feel it. It was a great day.  I came home and Todd was awake. I had this peaceful feeling so I asked him to call Anthem to check on the status. The last two weeks were frustrating and probably the longest waiting time for me. Two weeks ago, I received a letter in the mail from Anthem saying the implant device was approved. I cried tears of joy and I was elated. But before I got too excited, I had Todd call my ENT office to confirm this. They said yes, the device was approved but they needed two codes. There was only one code in the letter which was for the device. They needed the other code for the surgery itself. My heart sank. I was quickly brought back to reality. More waiting. I waited a week. Last Monday, we called Anthem to check on the status. They told Todd they were still waiting on the code from my office. I called my office and they said sent the code. Ugh. There was a miscommunication along the lines somewhere so we asked them to please follow up on it. I thought I would give it until Wednesday to call Anthem. Wednesday and Thursday passed. I didn't feel the need to call. Then today I woke up feeling really great and just felt peaceful all day. So, when I asked Todd to call Anthem today I wasn't feeling anxious at all. It was a different feeling. I was ready. Todd makes the call and I'm watching his lips very intently. He writes all these numbers down. And I hear him say, "so this is the authorization code for approval of both the device and surgery?" and then he smiles. I just knew! My eyes start tearing up. I couldn't believe it!! I am approved! My heart just burst with joy! He immediately called my ENT office and talked to the scheduler. Even though he had the authorization code, she said we had to wait until we get the letter with the second code before we could set a surgery date. It's okay! I will probably get the letter tomorrow or the first of the week. What's another few days, right? I am elated. A huge weight has been lifted and I can relax. If anything, I have learned so much about patience and trust the last nine weeks. It was definitely an emotional rollercoaster for me and I was ready to get off but with each passing day, I learned how to be more patient. I learned so much about trusting in God's plan for me. The last few weeks, I noticed if I got frustrated or discouraged I was able to tell myself, there is a reason for whatever happened and I was able to trust in Him wholeheartedly. He is handpicking everything for me! How amazing is that? Today is Good Friday....the day He died for me....what an ultimate act of love. I am so humbled and so thankful.

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