Monday, August 13, 2012

Less than one month away!!!!

Time is getting away from me quickly. I had no idea two months had passed since I wrote my last blog! I will be writing more frequently as I get closer to my surgery date on September 6th....I can't wait to share all of my experiences with you. It has been a busy summer for me which is a good thing.....I haven't had time to be anxious about waiting for the "big day". I am still running five days a week.....I love it. I feel healthier physically and mentally. I feel like running has helped me mentally prepare for this surgery. I am ready. Completely ready. I think about lots of different my life will be and how I will get to experience many new "sounds". During the last few weeks, I noticed my family will say things from time to time about certain sounds, "when you get your cochlear, I can't wait til you hear....." so I know they are excited for me. My daughter, Hannah is very observant of many sounds and tells me she can't wait until I hear them with her. One day, when I was driving, she was next to me listening to the music on the radio. Her favorite band, One Direction comes on and she turns up the music. She sings along and really enjoys their music. I can hear the music but I can't understand the words because I need to lipread to know what the words are. Hannah stops midway through the song and turns the radio down, and says "Mom, I can't wait til you get your cochlear so you can hear how awesome this band is! You will love them!" She makes me smile as I see the excitement on her face. I would love to be able to take her to a One Direction concert and experience the music with her and enjoy it fully. I've always avoided concerts because I could never enjoy it completely like everyone else. I can remember to this day the last big concert I went to was Garth Brooks. He was Todd's favorite country singer many years ago and I went with him. I left very frustrated and disappointed because I couldn't understand the lyrics while everybody was singing along and having a great time. That was the last concert I ever went to. The only music I ever enjoyed in my life was the halftime music on the football field in high school. I was on the drill team and I danced to the music on the field with the marching band. I truly loved it and it is one of my very favorite high school memories. I loved strutting my stuff on the field with my marching boots, uniform and pom poms. It was the one thing I felt so a part of and fully enjoyed. It was my kind of music because of the loud drum beats. I could feel the vibrations of the beats on the field. It was powerful to me and I loved it. The beats really got to me in my heart. I could hear the other instruments in the background but could never distinguish which instrument it was by the sounds. The drums never failed me.....I always knew what the drums were. It was my favorite sound. We had to follow 8 counts in our dance routine and it followed along with the drum beats. When I first tried out for the drill team, many judges doubted that I would be able to follow along. I proved them wrong and was so grateful for the chance. It was so easy for me to follow the 8 count and listen to the drum beats. I had the best time of my life dancing with my friends on the football field for all three years of my high school. I have always wanted to come back and dance on the field on Alumni night. It is my dream to have my drill team friends come back home and dance with me on the field and fully experience the music with me when I have my cochlear implant. Music is one of the many new sounds I am really looking forward to experiencing. What a ride this is going to be and I can't wait!  Until next time......

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